Introduction? Ok

Why do I need to write an introduction? Well, what if someone’s reading it?

Writing any kind of blog in 2022 seems kind of bizarre. When was the last time I read a blog? Would I even know my Tumblr password if it wasn’t saved in my browser? Is my WordPress password the same as my usual mid-tier password? Would I even have an account if it wasn’t for uni?

So… why go to the effort of setting up a website, let alone buying a domain?

Honestly? I’m not sure, maybe to challenge myself? To feel like I really could be some kind of hip interesting entity or personality like Emilia Fart, or maybe to make myself feel alive through the attention if any.

But the thing is, if I want that to be a reality, I do have to do something. I can’t think my online presence into existence, no matter how funny my 3am TikTok ideas are.

Okay… who are you?

I’m Andromeda, a 23-year-old who hasn’t quite grasped they’re not 18 anymore. Not in a maturity way, but more like in a “What do you mean it’s been 6 years since I graduated and nothing is like I thought it would be at all? I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare.” kinda way. Between my own lofty expectations for myself and a ridiculous onslaught of compounding trauma, it feels a little like I’ve lost sight of exactly who Andromeda is. So I want to make content. Weird and fun content, that sometimes is maybe kinda smart or emotionally intelligent or something? If not good, at the very least interesting. The question isn’t really so much who I am as much as who I want to be and what kind of content that person would make.

Well… why write a blog?

I don’t know if this is a blog yet. Really, I want it to be a network of pages I contribute to over some time. But also, a blog is completely fine. It could be both, neither, it doesn’t really matter. I like the idea of reading weird reflections and ideas that maybe are sometimes funny or maybe interesting to think about.


I just want to make content until I stop feeling self-conscious about making content.

I want to make hopelessly obnoxious content and feel like I’ve expressed or challenged myself. This is my outlet and I want to try and do things I wouldn’t have otherwise done even if it means I kinda hate it because otherwise, that’s just another thing I’ll never do.

Published by spadestitch

My name is Andromeda.

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